Why We Farm is a book for people who want to know the whole truth about life as a modern day farmer. Each chapter features a different model of farming. Farmers share the stories behind their work and their lives on the farm; the business side of production, the personal challenges they face, and offer words of advice for the would-be-farmer. DiBrigit asks hard questions and gives a reverent yet realistic picture of a thriving local food system.

  • Meet the young woman who started her own farm with just $6,000.
  • Learn how one farmer makes a living from a one-acre crop. 
  • Find out how four partners turned their desire to make a positive impact on the world into a thriving, multi-generational business.
  • Read about people who chose to start farming in their retirement. 
  • See how livestock ranchers are adopting ecologically beneficial methods.
  • Includes sidebars with useful information for new farmers!

Foreword by Craig McNamara – President, CA State Board of Food & Agriculture




  • “I read through the whole thing! It’s a wonderful story of the farms in the Valley. “
    Judith Redmond

  • “I’m always so amazed at the variety and success of all the agricultural businesses in the valley. It is an amazing story and deserves to be told.”
    Ralph Blaine

  • “Really enjoyable reading, and a fascinating education for me.”
    Aaron Sikes

  • “I read through the whole thing! It’s a wonderful story of the farms in the Valley. “
    Judith Redmo

Why We Farm on KSTE Farm Hour

The WHY WE FARM book launch podcast tour has started! And we started locally of course, with the KSTE Farm Hour this last Sunday. Fred Hoffman is a knowledgable and gracious host. You can listen to the July 9th podcast

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Cover Yourselves, Man!

This winter’s cover crops are all turned in now, but look at these pictures from the same field, taken several weeks apart this springtime. That is some seriously healthy, nitrogen fixing biomass!  You can see legumes and grasses growing high,

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The Real Dirt on Skyelark’s Ranching Practices

I love to see media covering the farmers I’ve interviewed, showing their work from a different angle. Here is a great look at how the ranching practices at Skyelark ranch are helping to sequester carbon in the soil. https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/sponsored-video/uc-davis-skyelark-ranch/2017/05/02/a65aea2a-2f5e-11e7-a335-fa0ae1940305_video.html

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Strawberry Jam 5K this Saturday

  Here’s an extra fun chance to take a tour of one of the farms featured in Why We Farm. Capay Organic will host a fun run around the farm, ending with strawberry picking and farm tour – Saturday, April

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What’s That White Stuff?

“What’s that white stuff?” This is a common question when I’ve given tours of organic farms. We may be passing by a 6 foot tall hill of the white crystalline substance, or it might look as if it snowed in the

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