Right to the Heart of the Matter


I love the stirring introduction of this podcast, put together by Stine Eiersholt of Influenced by Nature. She got right to the heart of the matter, that farming is about land stewardship.

She asked the great question: “How do you make a sustainable agricultural business that is economically doable whilst still protecting the environment?”

From her show notes: “Elvira, who has a passion for sustainable living, is trying to describe just that by sharing with us a number of personal stories from the people of the Capay Valley.  Through interviews with various farmers throughout the valley she is revealing to us the agricultural microcosmos that is present here. Elvira takes us through vegetable patches, vineyards, dairy and livestock farms as well as a 1 acre lavender farm. Through the farmers she describes the struggles of being a small scale farmer, the strong community bonds and the passion that many of the farmers have for being stewards of their land and making sure that what they do is done organically, sustainably and with a good amount of compassion.”

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