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Here is an article about a rapidly growing city that is just beginning to look at it’s dwindling local food shed. The tech industry and industrial growth has been impinging on good farm land surrounding San Jose. The article highlights the struggles of a local food movement, and some possible solutions. The article also names as Capay Valley as an “organic farm hot spot”.

Kudos to the nonprofit Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE) for bringing attention to this issue. Their Food Works report asks “What would San Jose look like if a robust local food system was one of the vital frameworks linking the city’s goals for economic development, community health, environmental stewardship, culture, and identity as the City’s population grows to 1.5 million people over the next 25 years?”

This is what cities around the world should be taking about!

The full report can be found at

Read the full article here:

Can San Jose Revitalize Local Food and Farms in Silicon Valley?

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