Why We Farm is a book for people who want to know the whole truth about life as a modern day farmer. Each chapter features a different model of farming. Farmers share the stories behind their work and their lives on the farm; the business side of production, the personal challenges they face, and offer words of advice for the would-be-farmer. DiBrigit asks hard questions and gives a reverent yet realistic picture of a thriving local food system.

  • Meet the young woman who started her own farm with just $6,000.
  • Learn how one farmer makes a living from a one-acre crop. 
  • Find out how four partners turned their desire to make a positive impact on the world into a thriving, multi-generational business.
  • Read about people who chose to start farming in their retirement. 
  • See how livestock ranchers are adopting ecologically beneficial methods.
  • Includes sidebars with useful information for new farmers!

Foreword by Craig McNamara – President, CA State Board of Food & Agriculture




  • “I read through the whole thing! It’s a wonderful story of the farms in the Valley. “
    Judith Redmond

  • “I’m always so amazed at the variety and success of all the agricultural businesses in the valley. It is an amazing story and deserves to be told.”
    Ralph Blaine

  • “Really enjoyable reading, and a fascinating education for me.”
    Aaron Sikes

  • “I read through the whole thing! It’s a wonderful story of the farms in the Valley. “
    Judith Redmo

Olive Harvest Time!

We are busy cleaning bins, collecting tarps and mowing, in order to be ready for the Olive Harvest Party next weekend. We hope to see some of you here. Saturday, October 21st will be set-up and music. Come camp-out and

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Insight with Beth Ruyack

This Tuesday I woke up bright and early and headed into rush hour traffic, not my usual routine ever! But I was on my way to the studios of Capital Public Radio at Sac. State, where I was interviewed by Beth

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Why We Farm’s author Elvira DiBrigit featured on Urban Farm Podcast

Urban Farm U is a wealth of information for gardeners and farmers alike. The questions Greg asks are relevant, personal and unique. In This Podcast Elvira shares how: The community of farmers that she lived in was rich with interesting

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Right to the Heart of the Matter

https://www.influencedbynature.com/episode11 I love the stirring introduction of this podcast, put together by Stine Eiersholt of Influenced by Nature. She got right to the heart of the matter, that farming is about land stewardship. She asked the great question: “How do

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Dinner on Main Street

http://www.dailydemocrat.com/health/20170912/woodlands-dinner-on-main-guests-in-for-a-few-surprises Woodland is getting ready to shut down Main Street and set up tables in the middle of the road. Every town should have an event like this! I’m so glad to be part of this community that comes together

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